/Nadia Lims son swallows coin

Nadia Lims son swallows coin

Kiwi chef and My Food Bag co-founder Nadia Lim normally worries about what goes in, but now the hard-working mother of two has her hands full worrying about what is coming out after a relatable parenting mishap.

Lim took to Instagram to share details of her 4-year-old Bodhi’s unusual choice of snack and a photo of its current hiding place.

“Yeeeeeep, that’s a coin in Bodhi’s X-ray in his bowel,” Lim wrote.

“Not cool. Bet you can guess what I’ll be doing for the next few days. At least Covid gloves and mask I bought are coming in handy.”

Lim, who is also mum to 2-year-old River, thanked commenters for their “good luck vibes” and said she had fingers crossed for coin’s safe passage.

Another celebrity mum, Toni Street, said that Lim must have her “hands full”.

Let’s hope not.

Other mums chimed in to share their own stories of misadventure, revealing all the items their own kids had managed to scoff down.

“Years ago my youngest son managed to swallow a glow in the dark LEGO light sabre. We never got it back!!!” said one mum.

“I remember my youngest doing that. The doctor said it (the coin) will be devalued when it comes out,” joked another.

Another woman shared the scary story of the dangerous object her brother swallowed, revealing that he was left forever changed.

“Oh no!… one of my little brothers swallowed a needle when he was little, luckily it was one with plastic head… as dr advised he was very low key for a few days… and was absolutely ok … well maybe a bit traumatised… never played with pins again.”

Lim’s Dancing With The Stars dance partner Aaron Gilmore offered support and told her that the yarn would be a “good 21st story and the nick name Piggybank now works”.

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